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Via Luigi Sostegni 13/A, Cesena (Italy)



from Knowledge to Industry, from Industry to Knowledge

CESENA | 14-16 OCTOBER, 2020

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Final Program

The complete program of the Conference will be available soon


FoodOmics for food safety

Chiara Nitride Department of Agriculture, University of Naples Federico II – IT; Division of Infection, Immunity & Respiratory Medicine, University of Manchester – UK

“From hidden allergens to novel allergens, how is proteomics informing us?”

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FoodOmics for the formulation of new food

Uri Lesmes Department of Biotechnology and Food Engineering, Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) – IL

“Food enginomics: Coupling in vitro digestion models and proteomics to engineer bioaccessbility in different target populations”

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FoodOmics for understanding the impact of environmental exposure

Augustin Scalbert International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) – FR

“The food exposome: a new dimension to understand the role of diet in human health and diseases”

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FoodOmics for animal nutrition

Jana Seifert Institute of Animal Science, University of Hohenheim  – D

“Elucidation of the animal microbiome using multi-omics”

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All other accepted abstracts will be presented as posters. Deadline for abstract submission is September 1st if you don’t want participate in the selection for oral presentation. Contributes include the main tasks but are not limited to.

Keynote Speakers